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Participation in the financial gains of an entire innovation economy has never been easier. No matter how small or large your wallet. No matter how short or long your investment horizon. No matter how active or passive your investment strategy.

Digital & Gig economy

Asset Backed

Unlike utility tokens with no inherent value, the OAK is linked to the revenue streams of the Oakonomy. Financial gains can thus be obtained by the value appreciation of OAK and participation in Oakura’s “buy-back & burn” programs.

Innovation Economy


Obtained OAKs allow for participation in the financial upside of an entire innovation economy. Liquidity is provided once secondary markets (security exchanges) are available, by exchanging OAKs for expert knowledge within the Oakonomy or in form of p2p transactions.

Continuously evolving Platform

High quality Deal Flow

Gain access to an exclusive network of experts and prescreened startups from Crypto Valley and Switzerland’s top universities, tailored to your needs. Cut out the noise and get only what’s relevant to you. If, how and when you engage an expert or invest directly into a startup is up to you.

What the Oakura team is building is quite simply astonishing. I believe there is a massive potential here. And as their currency is a security token, I consider my investment to be far less risky than buying ICO-tokens

Peter G., Private Investor

Oakonomy means


Marketing and Sales

Boost your sales competence by getting in touch with a growing number of Oakonomy experts that know how to communicate the benefits of your product or service far better than you do.


Industry specific Experts

Hook up with some of the most rarely found experts that know your industry inside-out. Approaching them just for a fireside chat, or in order to embark them on a long-term journey as an advisor: you decide.


Legal Advisors

Involve one of the Oakonomy's top legal advisors early on and obtain valuable advice along the way at competitive prices. Avoiding the common pitfalls will save you a lot of money and hassle in the future.


Blockchain Adepts

Profit from our high quality network of Crypto Valley's top Blockchain experts, token economics specialists and crypto enthusiasts with valuable connections and insights. Involve them today.

Are you a startup or founder?

Are you a startup or founder?

I represent a startup operating in the field of blockchain or deep tech.

Are you an Expert?

Are you an Expert?

I have insights, know-how, expertise and/or connections that could be valuable for Startups.

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Capitalize on your expertise. Engage with selected startups and earn equity. Simple, fast and secure.