About Oakura

Oakura provides a platform where curated startups and vetted experts engage to create next generation businesses. We match leading startups with industry insight, technology expertise and high-level networks. We reinvent the way startups engage with knowledge providers by offering novel methods of payments through equity or fractional ownership of the platform and its underlying tech portfolio.

Innovation Economy


Using blockchain and gradually planning to decentralize the Oakonomy, we strive to combine Swiss integrity and democratic processes with a technology-based trust-creation mechanism to enable transparency beyond borders.

Digital & Gig economy


We believe the current startup ecosystem and venture capital industry should be more diverse and inclusive. Every individual who is able to contribute to Oakonomy's sustainable growth will be empowered to participate.

Continuously evolving Platform

Co-owned by the community

Incentives are best aligned if both risks and rewards are shared. Everyone providing value-add for the Oakonomy becomes a co-owner of our network and can unlock its financial returns.

About the Oakonomy

The Oakonomy is a marketplace built on blockchain, where startups can grow faster by receving valuable, cutting-edge support from a strong, incentivized ecosystem.

Powered by OAK,an asset-backed startup currency, the Oakonomy gains in value when the network and startup portfolio gains in value.


Fields of expertise






Oakura maximizes the growth of early stage ventures

At Oakura, we believe that at an early seed stage, startup founders should be enabled to focus on one thing: finding their product-market fit through rapid iterations.

We also believe that there is no need to re-invent the wheel. For most of the challenges that a startup has in its early stage, the knowledge and solutions are available. Yet the effort it takes to develop the answers yourself, or to find the individual that knows how to do it (or has the relevant industry insights or contacts, or cutting-edge technology know-how) can cost precious time.

We also believe that everyone involved in helping a startup should have a long-term, sustainable value-creation in mind - and in return, should be fairly compensated and able to participate in the potential upside.

That’s why we’ve built the Oakonomy, a marketplace where startups can create value faster thanks to a strong, incentivized ecosystem of successful entrepreneurs, investors, industry and technology experts.


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Capitalize on your expertise. Engage with selected startups and earn equity. Simple, fast and secure.